What is a coffee bean like bug?

Updated: 10/7/2023
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From my travel experiences in the Caribbean and Central America I have seen that nitially the coffee bean starts to develop as a green colour and then ripens into a red colour. When the red bean is harvested it is then "roasted, burnt etc to get the brown colour.

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There are a few known bugs that appear coffee bean in shape. An insect that looks similar to a coffee bean is the June bug and some beetles also have this shape.

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Q: What is a coffee bean like bug?
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The seed of the coffee plant looks rather exactly like a coffee bean, because it is a coffee bean.

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What is the scientific name of the coffee?

for beverages coffee bean = coffea arabica for beverages coffee bean = coffea arabica

Is there a coffee really made from feces?

Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee made from the faeces of a Luwak (a small cat-like creature). The Luwaks eat the coffee cherry along with the coffee bean inside it. The coffee bean passes through the Luwak's digestive system undigested and can be found in their faeces. It is said that the bitter taste of the coffee bean is removed by the Luwak giving a sweet tasting coffee.

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