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An important part of bankroll management is that your Poker bankroll should be used only for poker. In order to play your best while at the tables, you should never be playing with more than you can afford to lose. If the idea of losing the money you have on the table scares you, you will play scared poker. Anyone who's ever played scared poker knows that scared poker is not winning poker. In any game of poker, you must take risks and play aggressively in order to win. A player who cannot afford to lose is far less likely to take those aggressive chances.

Always keep you money for important things such as food, rent, etc., separate from your bankroll.

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Q: How do you manage a poker bankroll to become a profitable poker player?
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If you have a bankroll of 200 What is the highest limit you can play with this bankroll?

For limit games a general rule of thumb is to have at least 300 times the big bet in your bankroll. For $200 that'll put you at the micro/low limit tables with a maximum big bet of $0.50. This is assuming you are a good player. If you seem to be losing money quickly then drop down a few limits to get some experience first.Also, make sure you drop your limits whenever your bankroll shrinks, don't stay at the higher limits.For no limit games an alternate method is to consider the buy-ins and have 10 -20 times your buy-in amount. No limit can introduce greater swings (in particular downward), thus it is important to have a larger bankroll. For you that could mean a $10 buy-in, this gives you a choice of a few different table limits depending on whether you want to play full-stacked or short-stacked.

How do you win playing on Pokerstars?

There is no secret to win at poker. On any room.Poker is a game where skill and luck co-exist.Skill and experience will allow you to "control" the variance, but you will know period when cards on not on your side : bad beat, set-ups. You will see often a river giving the nuts to the opponent's trash hand, or a 7 2 offsuit beating your AA with a straight or a double pair.But, on the other side, you will know periods when you will know luck indecently.There are some tips that, even, if it seems just good sense, are worth being repeated.The Bankroll managementThis is, I think the most important point. And of course the harder to do.The bankroll is the money dedicated to the game, this is a money you can afford to loseDo not play money that is to pay your bills. Playing with the fear of losing "useful" money is the worst player's enemy.Managing the bankroll is also important. Depending on the amount of money you "can" dedicate to the game, find the limits in which you feel well.For example, if you have 100 $, you can play 2 $ buy in cash game. If you lose your buy in, well, it will be just 5% of you bankroll. If you win, and your bankroll is growing, let say, to 200 %, you can move up to the 4 $ buy in etc...Some pro players advice to play a cash game limit if you have at least 25 or 30 buy-ins in your bankroll. The average depends on the type of poker and of course on the player.Sometimes, you will have to go back to lower limits.And this, for several reasons.In general, the higher is the limit, the better are the players. And sometimes, even if your bankroll allows you to play these limits, you are not "good" enough. So find a limit in which you feel well. Some players I know play 10 $ (€uros actually) cash buy in cash game while their bankroll is more than 1 000. Even with more than 100 buy ins with which they could deal with the variance, they claim they win more in this limit.Another reason is simply that your bankroll is too low to assume this limit. Either because you have played bad poker or you have known a bad run. So, if your bankroll is in bad shape, move to a lower limit.The bankroll management allows you to control your money and your ego.To sum up :let your bankroll dictate what limit you will playDo not let you ego stay in a limit that will put your bankroll at risk. Taking a step down to rebuild your bankroll is the thing to do.Patience is a vertue. So is discipline.Skills and experience will come with time.Of course, I have not entered the poker play in itself, simply because you will easily find a lot of sites, books or videos to show you the technical part of Poker.

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