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I've not heard that IGT has done this. Do you have access to an IGT Customer Notification (CN) stating this? I can't imagine IGT would issue a CN affecting all IGT Poker machines.

I did a little more checking, and IGT did issue a CN about disabling the Double Up feature on their poker games because of the discovery of a flaw in the software for that feature. I don't have any details but IGT is working on a fix.

Once the corrected software is ready it must still be submitted to the testing labs in the various jurisdictions for further testing before it will be approved for the casinos to use the new software.

This process can take a few weeks to a few months depending upon the testing lab backlog. Once approved, the casinos will be notified that they can order the new software from IGT so they can schedule replacement of the software in their poker games.

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Q: Why has IGT notified all Casinos not to enable the double up option on the GameKing video poker machines?
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