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12 to 14 year old's usually find them selves's reading such book's, but you can read them also at around the age of 9 or 10 . They are reasonable for all kinds of reader's who like to get stuck into a good book .

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you can buy it

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I think so. (:

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Q: Are Mary-Kate and Ashley books available for Kindle?
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Yes, all of Stephanie Meyers' books are available on Kindle.

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They are now

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Check again because I just bought the series on my kindle!

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Kindle provides a variety of books for reading. These books are likely to include books that contain famous movie quotations. It is up to an author and publisher to determine if a book will be made available for an e-reader.

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Yes, Mrs. Cole's books are all available on Kindle. The Runaway, The Ladykiller, Dangerous Lady, Goodnight Lady, The Life, The Family etc are also available in either Kindle, Paperback or even Hardback or audio version.

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Yes, he is. You can do a search on him on the Amazon Kindle page. From what I could see, his books are not available in Kindle format for Europe, but they are for US customers.

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Well, Amazon doesn't really like people copying books for other kindles. But, you can connect the accounts and can share books. Also, if you want to transfer the books from the kindle 1 to kindle 2, you should just use the same amazon account to transfer the books. Copying the book from the drive into the other kindle works too. Another option available in most cases is to temporarily loan the Kindle eBook from one Kindle to another Kindle. See related links for how.

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There are hundreds of thousands of electronic books available for the Kindle (and counting) and while it is impossible to list them all, I have added the bestsellers (updated hourly) in the related links.

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There are many classic books that are available for no charge. And there are often free books available as well, offered as promotional or specials. Most current books are going to cost you money. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book a month from the library for free.