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No, you can never place a monster like that. A summon is face-up attack mode, a Set is face-down defence mode. When Light of Intervention is active, you can summon is face-up defence mode too. However you can never Set in attack position - in the entire game, there is only one way to get a monster in face-down defence position, and that's Darkness Approaches. There's no other way, and definitely not from hand as Set or Summon.

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Nope, you can never attack on the very first turn of a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.

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no that would be stupid

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Q: Can you attack with a monster card on the first turn in Yu-Gi-Oh TCG?
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How long do you have to wait to attack in Yugioh the card game?

You just cant attack on the very first turn of the first person going. You can attack right after you summon a monster or set a card, or just attack if your not going to do those, as long as it is not the very first turn of the duel of the first person.

Can you combine two monsters attack points to destroy a monster in yugioh?

You cannot manually. Such an occurence could only result from a card effect.

If you use the effect of a yugioh effect monster can you attack in the same turn?

Yes, generally you canBUT there are some cards that doesn't allow the effect to activate if you attack. Example is Chaos make sure to read the card text first.

What is the monster on the Yugioh card Kishido Spirit and Ritual Weapon?

It appears on a few cards, but the first time it appeared as a monster is as the Paladin of White Dragon.

In Yugioh does a monster have to attack the newly Special Summoned monster during the Battle Phase if they already declared the attack?

Answer taken from the Official English Rulebook: After you've announced your attacking monster and the attack target monster during a Battle Step, the attack target might be removed from the field, or a new monster may be played onto the opponent's side of the field before the Damage Step, due to a card's effect. This causes a "Replay." When this occurs, you can choose to attack with the same monster again, or choose to attack with a different monster, or choose not to attack at all. Note that if you attack with a different monster, the first monster is still considered to have declared an attack, and it cannot attack again this turn.

Which yugioh card could help you when you're about to lose?

monster reborn

Is there any Yugioh card that allows you to move a monster card or any card from your opponents graveyard to your graveyard?

No, there is nothing that can do that.

What yugioh makes your opponent choose a card from your hand and guess what it was when they attack a monster in defense?

Sounds like Ordeal of a Traveler. The effect is applied when the opponent attacks (does not have to be against a defence mode monster, or even a monster at all). He must select a card from your hand and correctly guess if it is a monster, spell or trap, or his attacking monster is returned to hand.

If a question mark is over a cards atk in yugioh what is the atk of that card?

it means that they might have a special effect like the Calculator has a ? in its attack its effect being this card gains attack points equal to the tolal level of all monster on your side of the field x300

What is the strongest spellcaster yu gi oh card?

The strongest spellcaster yugioh card is obviously Relinquished and Thousand-Eyes Restrict, they can take the attack of any monster card so it could even be thought as the strongest monster. Thousand-Eyes Restrict is so powerful that it was banned in the year of 2006.

What good spell cards to power up dragon type monster for yugioh?

I run a very good dragon deck and the only equip card I run is Axe of Despair. 1000 attack.

In yugioh when you play a ritual card to summon a ritual monster do you HAVE to have the ritual monster in your hand in order to summon it or can you summon from your deck?

Yes, it does have to be in your hand.