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Q: Could a squire be a women?
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Why was squire Boone famous?

why is squire boone such a big famous hoosier

When was The Adventure of the Reigate Squire created?

The Adventure of the Reigate Squire was created in 1893.

When was John Squire born?

John Squire was born on November 24, 1962.

When was Matt Squire born?

Matt Squire was born on 1976-05-07.

When did Richard 'Squire' Lee die?

Richard 'Squire' Lee died in 1795.

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How does the knight's do what they do?

A squire( pronounced skwire) A squire was employed to knight for four years, then if the knight-master thought that the squire was ready, the squire would go throught the Ordeal of Knighthood. If he passed, then he was made a knight

What has the author Elienne Squire written?

Elienne Squire has written: 'A lantern in the wind' -- subject(s): American Authors, Authors, American, Biography, English teachers, Feminists, Lesbians, Women teachers

Who was eligible to become a knight?

Only male children could. The order was page @ age 7, squire @ age 10, and a knight @ 20-24. A male of noble birth could become a knight but the farthest a peasant could go is a being a squire. God Bless!!

What is the birth name of Josh Squire?

Josh Squire's birth name is Joshua Devin Squire.

How do I use squire in a sentence?

Stand and be recognized, young squire! Another shield, quickly; squire!

What is the birth name of Anthony Squire?

Anthony Squire's birth name is Squire, Jack Francis Anthony.

What is the birth name of Chris Squire?

Chris Squire's birth name is Christopher Russell Edward Squire.

What is the origin of 'suit yourself'?

In medieval times when a squire was unhappy with being charged with applying a suit of Armour to the knight the squire could reply with the phrase"suit yourself" which showed some resistance, but not a severe level of insubordination which at the time could have resulted in death.

What is a sentence with the word squire?

The squire assisted the knight with his armor before going into battle.

Where is squire in RuneScape?

The squire is in white knight's castle in the courtyard

What is the relationship between the knight and the squire?

A knight use to be a squire

How can you make sentence with squire in the sentence?

"A Squire does the bidding of the King."