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Q: Did Lena Martell ever have an alcohol problem?
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Did Lena Martell ever marry?

no .

When did alcohol become a problem?

Ever since the time humans first discovered alcohol, its abuse has held the threat of being a problem. However, alcohol is not a problem if it isn't abused.

Did Lena martell ever record stand by your man?

No. She worked with Bill Joe Spears in the early 1980@s and covered one ofd her songs but nothing by Tammy Wynette, though she did make some country music albums and featured country tracks quite often on her many recordings.

Will there ever be a film about the singer Lena Zavaroni?

Someday, I hope a movie is made about her life. Lena Zavaroni was brilliant, she should never be forgotten.

Why didn't Lena ever marry?

She didn't want a husband telling her what to do.

Did Lena Horne ever sing a James Bond theme?

No, not that I could find.

Did Lena Horne ever sing a James Bond theme song?

No, not that I could find.

Has Maggie Lena walker ever been married?

yes. she married Amistead Walker.

Will Kostos ever break up with the girl he married and go back to Lena?

Yes ! After seeing him and Lena together at her Bapi's (grandfather's) funeral, she admits that the pregnancy was a lie and they have the marriage annulled.

Was Lena Olin ever on Law and Order?

Lena Olin appeared as defense attorney, Ingrid Block, in the Law and Order SVU episode 'Confidential', originally aired March 10, 2010.

Can furfural alcohol explode?

ever heard of a molitov?

What kind of alcohol can be used on a phone?

None who ever thinks phone and alcohol are a good mix is an idiot