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Yes. Yes they are. They were all released in the 1940's. Pinocchio and Fantasia for example, were released in the year 1940, Dumbo was released in the year 1941, and Bambi was released in the year 1942. So yes, they are Disney films that were made in the 40's.

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"Bambi" was released in 1942.

"Dumbo" was released in 1941.

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Q: Did Walt Disney Make Bambi or Dumbo first?
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What movies did Walt Disney make during the 1940s?

in the 1940's he made Pinocchio, Fantasia, dumbo and Bambi

What was the first 10 Walt Disney films?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pinocchio Fantasia The Reluctant Dragon Dumbo Bambi Victory through Air Power Saludos Amigos The Three Caballeros Make Music Mine Song of the South

What day did Walt Disney make dumbo?

No one knows what day, but he was thinking about making birds then he thought of elephants. He mixed the ideas together and... VOILA he made Dumbo!

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It depends on who your talking about, if your talking about Dumbo the elephant then yes he does.

What movies did Walt make?

all the Disney movies Snow White, Cinderella, sleeping beauty,aladdin, bambi,Alice in wonderland etc...

What is the difference between the movie bambi and bambi 2?

I have never heard of a Bambi II. The prototype feature-length animal cartoon by the Disney studios came out in l942 and was based on the novel by Felix Salten. There have been small stub-cartoon length kiddy books based on Bambi characters ( Kids like this stuff- preferring continuity to suspense)- so they like a character, they want to hear or read stories about him or her. such tales that make the book counters are or were ( Bambi- friends in the forest) featuring supporting characters Thumper and Flower.

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Did Disney make the first Tron movie?

Tron (1982) was produced by Walt Disney Pictures

Where did they make the movie Dumbo?

United States

Is ronno the deer who fought bambi for feline?

Yes, Ronno was the name of the deer who tried to make Feline leave Bambi when they were grown up. But Bambi fought him and won Feline.

Who was the first man make micky mouse?

the walt disney was the first man to make micky mouse