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Q: Has Bruce Willis got any Oscars?
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How did Bruce Willis break into the entertainment business?

The American actor Bruce Willis got his big break in 1987 on ABC prime-time in a sitcom called Moonlighting. Since then, he has played in numerous more tv shows and movies.

Has Bruce Dickinson got any children?


How many Oscars did The Turning Point win?

It did not win any. It got 11 nominations, but no wins.

How many Oscars has kings speech get?

The King's Speech got 12 Oscars.

What were the Oscars called before they got that name?

The Oscars are officially known as the Academy Awards.

How did AR Rahman got into music?

by the Oscars

How much did Bruce Willis get paid for live free or die hard?

Superstar Bruce Willis is known for commanding $20million per movie. He has lowered that price a few times in the past as a favour or because he really wants to be involved in a certain project. In 1999, Bruce was the star of the massive film, The Sixth Sense. He opted out of taking a salary and instead decided on a percentage of the films profits. A wise move, as Bruce reportedly banked $100,000,000 from this deal.

How many Oscars has Michael J Fox got?

I donnow...

Can Oscars Be kept with Arowana?

Oscars can be kept with arowanas as proclaimed on books but based on personal experiece, my own arowana got its scales stipped off till it died by two smaller Oscars

Why is Eddie Murphy not doing Oscars?

Because he got better things to do

What are Nick Willis' sporting achievements?

0he got 3 golds

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