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Umm I think that in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Red Rescue Team your character was Ivolved in a inccident with Garnavor.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness and Time your Pokemon character got his/her mind erased in an inccident involving the future....In Sky I don't know?

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!! all will be reaveled once you beat darkrai.

but you turn into a Pokemon because it was darkrai's plot to destroy the world!

darkrai made an attack for grovile (your friend) but then you as a human shilded grovile, and it caused you to turn into a Pokemon. you want to know full detailes beat darkrai.

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Q: How did you transform into a Pokemon on mystery dongon?
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How do you get the TM transform in HeartGold?

There is no TM transform in Pokemon HeartGold

Diitto can transform in every Pokemon?

when you are battling a Pokemon use transform and it will bvecome that Pokemon and know its moves and ability for this battle (Works On Legendary Pokemon Aswell)

Why is Zoroark the only Pokemon that can transform?

It isn't!Ditto can iswell!But if your only talking about the new Pokemon then yes,Zoroark is the only Pokemon that can transform.

What Pokemon can you trade from mystery dungeon of time to Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Pokemon cannot be traded in the Mystery Dungeon series.

Can a Dewott learn transform on Pokemon black or white?

No, Dewott cannot learn Transform.

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How do you get sassy types on Pokemon mystery dongon?

ya mum :|

Hat do you do wis the music box in Pokemon mystery DONGON?

u use the music box to find mew and recruite it

Do you find out why you transform in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

ya it works

How do you get Blastoise to come up from the undergrond in Pokemon mystery dongon blue rescue team?

beat 4 or 5 missions then there will be another earthqwake go to town scwar then you will go down p.s if you have a water Pokemon groundon in realy pretty easy.

What is the new mystery Pokemon at Gamestop?

It is a Keldeo that can transform into its Resolution Forme when you trade it over to B2W2.

How do you get past Dalga on Pokemon mystery dongon explorers of sky?

Stock up on like 999 [or lower] reviver seeds [do lots of jobs] that's what I would suggest but I'm still stuck too [he is hard]! I hope I helped! thank you for reading bye peeps

Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team how do you get the music box?

Fight all of the regis in one go, once you have all of the parts in your toolbox they will transform into the music box. They will only transform inside a dungeon.

Where is the golden shark on poptropica?

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Does Ditto evolve?

Ditto can never evolve but he can transform in battle using his (only) move, Transform. Creative name, right? It can transform into any Pokemon! He transforms into one of the opponent's Pokemon. You can choose which Pokemon (of your opponent's) to transform into if he has more than one Pokemon.

When does your character on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness figure out how he became a Pokemon?

your character figures this out just before completen the game. then you defeat dialga and get turned back into a human for a while (not playable as a human) then you transform back into a Pokemon again.

How do you get the TM transform in HeartGold?

There is no TM transform in Pokemon HeartGold

Can Ditto transform into other Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

well in my experience ditto can use transform but it has no effect