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I don't know how you're being hacked so this answer will be pretty general. 1. Simplest way is to disconnect from the internet -- called airgapping. Hackers can't get through air. 2. Next, buy a cheap hardware firewall. They're as little as $50 (but $150) will do. Talk to the store about how to use the firewall and specifically how to shot down ports (ports are virtual "pipes" that data flows in and out of). Shut down all the ports you don't need. The firewall should stop most any intrusion. 3. Run a virus check while you're airgapped if you can -- otherwise, go out to one of the sites that will let you test your computer for malware using the most up to date tester, and see if you can find anything the hacker left behind. I'm leaving the Datafellows site, as I know they have such a program you can use. 4. Check your IE security settings and bring them up to Medium-high. Clear all cookies and Internet history. 5. Go on the offensive. Between the firewall and Windows, you should be able to see the IP of everyone connected to your system. Us the "tracert" command from the DOS (or COmmand) window to find out where he is and what ISP/carrier he's using. If you don't like tracert, get a commercial product that does this function better. 6. Call his ISP and remote the problem. 7. If it persists, call your local authorities. If they don't know, call the FBI or Secret Service. If you call the feds, be prepared to discuss WHY they should get invovled. Identity theft and/or loss of $20,000 or more are the keys to this normally.

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Q: How do you get rid of a hacker?
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