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You must look for the right holes or tunnels. Or you can go on to YouTube for a walkthrough.

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Q: How do you get to the bottom in cerulean cave?
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How do you find Mewtwo in firered?

It is in Cerulean Cave. It is on the bottom floor of the cave! :P

Where is mew two in cerulean cave on Pokemon soul silver?

On Pokemon SoulSilver, to find mew two in the cerulean cave, you need to go to the bottom floor.

How do you get to the bottom of cerulean cave in Pokemon soul silver?

you can go to the mt silver

Where do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Fire Red?

he is in cerulean cave at the very bottom, you need to beat the league to acess the cave though

Where to find cerulean cave in ruby version?

there is no cerulean cave in ruby

How do you get mew in Pokemon fire red and leaf green?

you will get mew in the cerulean cave at the bottom part

Where do you find the three dogs in cerulean cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There not in cerulean cave.

Is articuno in cerulean cave?

no mewtwo is in cerulean cave and articuno is in seafoam island

Where to find Mewtwo in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Cerulean Cave. Bottom foor. Next to stairs. Level 70.

Where do you get a Black Flute in HeartGold?

uh...... if you didn't go into the dark cave in johto and the cave east to cerulean and north of the electric plant. P.S don't mistake the cave in cerulean city. not the cerulean cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have to have a certain badge to get into cerulean cave?

yes you need all 16 badges to get into cerulean cave.

How do get wobble feet on Pokemon LeafGreen?

dont you mean wobbafett? and on 6 island down on the bottom or in cerulean cave