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Well, first, you must use up five ultra balls on a wild bidoof from route 201. Next, you go to the fight area and battle your rival with a team of starlys. When he sends out his last Pokemon, you forfeit the match. Mystery gift should be there. If this doesn't work, give up Pokemon and take up lawn Bowling.

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You don't wait long. You probobly waited long because you were the only one doing it. By that i mean you need 3 or 4 friends waiting to reciv the gift with you.

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Available from March 6,2011 to April 10,2011.

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Q: How long does the mystery gift take to come in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get a wireless for Pokemon pearl mystery gift?


What do you do if Mystery Gift isn't working in Pokemon Pearl?

check wifi

What do you with the mystery gift on Pokemon pearl?

go to spear pillar with it an you will get arceas if it is a azure flute

Pokemon pearl mystery gift released?

Yes , It has been released since the Game came out .

How do you a get mystery gift from your friend on Pokemon Pearl or Diamond?

You just have to open the mystery gift menu on both games and you and your friend will get a gift. It could be anything .New Pokemon or place.

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Can you get maniphy on Pokemon Pearl?

get it as a mystery gift from Pokemon ranger

Is there a 2013 mystery gift for Pokemon pearl?

No there isn't.

How do you get a wireless for Pokemon pearl mystery gift?


Can you send a friend on Pokemon pearl a Pokemon through mystery gift?

Nope, the only thing the Mystery Gift does is allow you to get event Pokemon

When are some mystery gift event's for soul silver?

you only can get a mystery gift on Pokemon diamond and pearl

How do you open the mystery gift in Pokemon Pearl?

When you receive it, go play Pokemon Pearl and go to the pokemart.

Can you get the arceus mystery gift in Pokemon pearl in 2013?

No you can't

After entering the keywords how do you claim or get a mystery gift in Pokemon Pearl?

Get a friend who also has Mystery Gift and do it. I think that's how.

How do you get the mystery gift for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Use an action replay

How do you connect the mystery gift via wireless in Pokemon pearl?

you dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you get a mystery gift in Pokemon pearl?

no, you piece of cow manure

How do you get shaymin in Pokemon pearl without using an ar?

get it in mystery gift