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It really depends on the number of people going but with hotels I would say between 2,000-3,000 or lower or higher it just depends on the number of people, length of trip, and hotel choices

To find your average you can go to

and pick out your dates, hotels, and number of people

hope that helps

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Q: How much is disneyland california tickets cost?
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How much do 3 tickets to Disneyland cost?

How much dose a 3 day ticket to Disneyland cost

How much did tickets to Disneyland Paris cost back then?

back when? lol

How much did tickets for Disneyland cost when first open?


How much does it cost for 6 nights and 7 days at Disneyland?

It depends on how many people, where you want to stay & at which Disneyland, California, Paris, Tokyo... for instance in California one adult staying at the Disneyland Hotel in January 2016 for six days would cost $341 a night & that doesn't include tickets.

How much do Disneyland tickets cost at the gate for the non resident adult?


How much does Disneyland cost in California?

about 500 dollars. haha! i dunna

How much Disneyland tickets cost?

Disneyland has become much more expensive. You will be paying anywhere from seventy dollars to three hundred dollars, depending on the age of your grandchildren.

How much do tickets cost for Disneyland?

The price of tickets for Disneyland are around ninety dollars for adults and around eighty four for children. The price for tickets can fluctuate as sometimes third-party retailers sell the tickets at promotional prices or at discounts.

How much do seatbelt tickets cost in California?

California Click it or Ticket costs...California no seat belt tickets can range from $80 to $91.

How much do Disneyland tickets at union coast?


How much do 6 tickets cost for Disneyland?

486 for 6 kids 522 for 6 adults (Children $81.00, Adults $87.00) -me

How much do Disneyland tickets cost for 2012?

Disney Parks tickets generally differ in prices online an in park. You can usually get discounts when you buy tickets at the gate. In general, ticket prices for 2012 for Disneyland California are: Ages 3-9: $74.00 Ages 10 and up: $80.00 Prices also differ if you choose to use the Park Hopper Option, which in the end makes Ticket prices go up.