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Though the means by which he infused life into his creation was never detailed, Victor Frankenstein first gathered large quantities of fragments of corpses, together with body parts from freshly killed animals, then assembled these into the shape of a human being. This he constructed to be approximately eight feet in height and proportionately large because "the minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed." On "a dreary night of November," he then "gathered the instruments of life around" himself to animate his creature.

But Horror of horrors! Upon beholding his creature, whom he had created in vain, reckless pride, Victor was revolted, became terrified, and repeatedly refused to meet his obligations to the creature. That creature, a victim of Victor's repeated refusal to understand him, became the Frankenstein monster as revenge for having been abandoned, and in one way or another, he destroyed everything Victor had loved, thereby destroying Victor--whom he did NOT actively kill, and for whom, when his own creator died, he actually MOURNED!

Essentially, what Mary Shelley was saying was, "Be kind when you create. Godlike power demands godlike wisdom."

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In Mary Shelley's novel, Dr. Frankenstein made the creature by assembling parts of corpses to make an idealized body. Then he brought the creature to life using electricity.

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Q: How was Frankenstein monster created?
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Victor Frankenstein was the scientist, who created the monster. The monster is often called Frankenstein's monster, or simply Frankenstein.

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