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There are many studios in mumbai where you can give auditions directly, but its very chaotic as thounsands of people show up for a single role. You can try Audition Fox, its an online platform where you can submit your portfolio, audition videos and resumes to find the latest casting calls.

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Q: I am an actor 21 years old looking for auditions in films and TV serials.. Can anyone suggest me where to start or provide me with contacts of any casting directors?
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Which is better actorsaccess now casting or backstage?

As far as a submissions service, definitely Actors Access. It's the largest out of the three and is used by the majority of casting directors looking for talent. Backstage is good for general information, news and other stuff. Now Casting is used by mostly lower-level casting directors or non-casting directors looking to cast their own projects.

Is there any auditions for an eleven year old girl to be in the movie twilight who actually lives in Palestine TX?

Casting directors don't really care much where you live, because they don't come to you, you have to go to them.I don't know if they're still casting for the next Twilight movie or not; you could probably find out by looking in Variety or contacting the studio directly to see where auditions are being held and what they're looking for.

What you the difference between casting calls and auditions?

casting calls could be a scam and their looking for a cast and auditon is wat u do to get a part

What does John Robert Powers offer?

JRP as it commonly known as, offers many opportunities. They offer acting, dancing, modeling and singing. Most offer auditions with casting directors, agencies and managers. You can also audition for iPOP! (a convention to audition in front of over 150 different agents, casting directors, managers, record companies and more. If you are looking to get into the business, this is how.

What is a list of casting directors looking for talent?

* personality * talent * style * confident people *good looks * a talkative person

Are there any open auditions for teenagers in 2009?

That depends on whether you are looking for modeling or acting auditions. If you look up agencies in your area, plenty of them hold open casting calls or open auditions to look for new talent. But that takes research on your behalf to find the right agency or organization that you are interested in.

Where is some cheerleading auditions?

If you are looking for cheerleading auditions in New Jersey it will be by a cheerleading store. If your looking for cheerleading auditions in another state it will be bye a sports center or also a cheerleading store.

Where can you find movie auditions for girls aged eleven in Ireland?

i have been looking for auditions for films as well.No look so far but I'm still looking

Will the Kane Chronicles Series be made into a Film Series?

Not so sure, but according to some rumors they're apparently working on it right now. About a year ago I heard that they were doing casting auditions, and by that time, Alex Sawyer was likely to be cast for the role of Carter, and new, 16-year-old actress Hailey Grace, then merely beginning her professional film career, was impressed by the casting directors when she auditioned for the role of Sadie. But several months passed and I haven't heard a thing. Probably a false rumor. But you can try looking around the web and maybe you can prove otherwise.

How can i find Pop backup band auditions?

You can find pop backup auditions by contacting various musical producers. They often hold regular auditions looking for new talent.

How much do you pay acting agents?

NOTHING!!!! I can not stress this enough. Alot of agents will scam you but if you know what you are looking for then you will be fine. Agents do not make you pay anything until they get you a job, and even then they only take some of your pay that you get from the job. So just remember, if an agent wants you to pay up front....walk out of there as fast as you can! Please do not get scammed, it will not make your life any easier.+ Don't pay for auditions for acting jobs. Don't pay to be on an agents' database. There are a growing number of pay-for sites on the internet, asking for money up front to receive "casting information" of "opportunities". Reputable casting directors do not use such sites, and do not charge money for information or auditions. They pay you for your work! Reputable agents do not charge for you to be on their books, or actor database. They get commission for finding you work! Young aspiring actors are really vulnerable to such interntet scams. is a UK school based company who gets casting information to young people FOR FREE. Ask your Drama teacher to register, so that you can receive free information for auditions in your area.

How does one find announcements for casting calls?

There are many ways to find announcements for casting calls. Looking on websites geared to casting calls can be a good source as can looking on film office bulletin boards.