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Q: In American Born Chinese the main characters the Monkey King Danny and Jin Wang struggle because they?
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Why are Chinese People Chinese?

Chinese people are Chinese because they have lived and derived from China. That is similar to saying "Why are American people American?".

How do you say Allison in Chinese?

You can't because in Chinese your parents choose what your name means. In Chinese we don't have an alphabet we have characters.

What starts the civil war in china?

the Cases of Chinese Civil war started because Struggle for power between Nationalists and Communists broke out into war.

What is especially challenging about learning to read and write in Chinese?

Because there are thousand of Chinese characters, but they aren't randomly constructed.

Why are Chinese characters on keypad of cell phones?

You probably bought a phone from a Chinese service store. Or maybe it's like that because it's in a special region? maybe the phone with chinese characters is made in China.

How do you spell you're welcome in Chinese?

It is not possible to answer this question because of the special Chinese characters. You are welcomed in Chinese, is spelled by spelling out the individual letters going forward.

What does the writing on the 9 tailed fox cage say?

Seal Its because Japanese characters and Chinese characters are so similar I can read it.

How do you learn to write you name in chinese?

AnswerWe write our names in Chinese characters, in some cases, however, pinyin (the bridge between Chinese characters and the English alphabet) is also required.Yes that is true but when writing in Chinese you have to have thin writing, because if its thick it will look like a mess

Is the word 'Chinese' in Chinese restaurant capitalized?

Yes, because "Chinese" refers to China or its language, culture, or people. For example, "American" in American BBQ is always capitalized.

Were there Chinese outlaws in the American Old west?

Yes, but there weren't many, mainly because there weren't many Chinese in the American Old west.

How many characters does the Chinese language have?

About 80,000Some of the largest Chinese dictionaries may have over 56,000 Chinese "symbols" (better known as characters). Many of those characters are rare, obscure and/or archaic.To have a basic grasp of Chinese allowing you to read a newspaper magazine or a general subject book, you will know approximately 3,000 characters. Having a better knowledge in a specific field (finance, business, trading, import/export, mining, medical, legal, etc.) you will have a knowledge base of approximately 4-5,000 characters. A good grasp of Chinese literature and/or Classical Chinese writings, you will need to know approximately 6,000 characters.

Why did so few ancient Chinese learn how to read and write?

Because the written language of the Chinese is incredibly complicated, there are tons of characters that must be memorized.