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Yes, but there weren't many, mainly because there weren't many Chinese in the American Old west.

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Q: Were there Chinese outlaws in the American Old west?
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What has the author Shane Edwards written?

Shane Edwards has written: 'Heroes and outlaws of the old west' -- subject(s): Outlaws, Heroes, Biography 'Heroes and outlaws of the old west' -- subject(s): Outlaws, Heroes, Biography

What is the plot of the movie 'American Outlaws'?

The plot of the movie 'American Outlaws' is that a Midwest town find out that a baron has taken away their deeds to their homes. The ranchers go about taking them back and they become part of the biggest manhunt in the Old West. The young Jesse James is their leader.

What were women like in the old American West?

There were quite a few. That's how children came to the American West.

What font do the Outlaws mc use?

For the most part the Outlaws MC uses the "Old English Text MT" as their font on most shirt designs. The Outlaws MC supposedly has an official Outlaws font which is almost identical to the "Old English Text MT" font.

What stereotypes are in the old west?

Some stereotypes associated with the Old West include the image of the rugged cowboy, the lawless gunslinger, the damsel in distress, the Native American as a savage, and the Chinese immigrant as a laborer. These stereotypes have been perpetuated by literature, films, and popular culture over time.

What kinds of stereotypes were created about the Old west?

what kind of stereotypes were created about the old west

What were the seasonal temperatures in the old American west?

gdybbchb hvv

In the Movie Unforgiven was the outlaw William money real?

No. The film is not a true story. It is more a mediation and reflection of the Western film genre than it is an accurate depiction of outlaws in the Old West.

What is 'Down the Owlhoot Trail'?

DOWN THE OWLHOOT TRAIL is an anthology of Western stories about Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid. The stories are their adventures growing up in the Old West, and the tales of how they decided to become the most successful outlaws west of the Mississippi.

Who are some famous cowboys cowgirls Indians outlaws marshalls any other western old west wild west and wild wild west characters In literature moviestv music reallife other countries?

Pecos Bill. Calamity Jane. Wyatt Earp. Jesse James.

Is west an adverb?

It can be an adverb or an adjective, when it indicates direction. West can also be a proper noun, referring to a western region, such as the American Old West.

What has the author Carl W Breihan written?

Carl W. Breihan was an author of numerous books on outlaws, gunfighters, and lawmen in the American West. Some of his most famous works include "The Complete & Authentic Life of Jesse James" and "Billy the Kid: An Autobiography." Breihan's writing often focused on the lives and legends of notorious figures from the Wild West.