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Very Easy! switch 3 swith 2 switch 1 & there ya go!

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Q: In Pokemon crystal version what order do the shutters go in?
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What is the time capsule in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no time capsule in Pokemon Pearl version. It's only in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. You can still trade Pokemon through the Union Room or the Global Trade Station in Pearl version, though. :)

What is the best Pokemon version?

The Pokemon versions are: *in order *Rare/special **Remake ***Coming soon Blue Red Yellow* Gold Silver Crystal** Sapphire Ruby Emerald Fire Red** Leaf Green** Diamond Pearl Platinum Soul Silver** Heart Gold** Black*** White*** Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games: P.M.D. Blue (DS) P.M.D. Red (GBA) P.M.D.E. Of Time P.M.D.E Of Darkness P.M.D.E. Of Sky Pokemon Ranger Games: P.R. P.R.S.A(Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia) P.R.G.S.(Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs)***

I can't trade Mew from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon FireRed. Can anyone tell me why?

You can't trade between two generations of Pokemon. Here is the list of generations in order of when they were created. 1. Red Version, Yellow Version (Special Pikachu Version), Blue Version 2. Gold Version, Silver Version, Crystal Version 3. Ruby Version, Sapphire Version, Emerald Version, FireRed Version, LeafGreen Version 4. Diamond Version, Pearl Version, Platinum Version, HeartGold Version, Soulsilver Version 5. Black Version, White Version ( coming in 2011) Go to Bulbapedia for more information Only each generation can trade with each other. FOR REAL PEOPLE! STOP RE-WRITING THIS! IF YOU WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING, DONT CHANGE THEIR ANSWER! WRITE IT BELOW THEIR ANSWER! IF YOU WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING, WRITE IT BELOW MINE! PLEASE! I HATE RE-WRITING THIS EVERY TIME SOMEONE CHANGES THIS. IF SOMEBODY DELETES WHAT I HAVE HERE, I WILL WRITE THE SAME THING AND DELETE YOURS! Hope this helps! Yeah person below mine, your right sry bout that people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Actually there are only 4 generations. I - Red, Blue & Yellow. II - Gold, Silver & Crystal. III - Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald IV - Diamond, Pearl & Platinum. You can trade between Generations I and II, what you must do is to use the "time machine" at the Pokemon center in Gold, Silver & Crystal. You can trade between the 5 games in generation III, you must beat the Elite Four in Fire/Leaf and then search in the sevii islands for a Ruby and a Sapphire and give them to Celio in Island One. You can Transfer Pokemon from Generation III to Generation IV but no from IV to III, you must insert the cartridge from Generation III (after getting the national pokedex) into the DS slot for GBA and the you'll be sent to Pal Park where you can transfer Pokemon from your GBA to your DS. Signed A person xP Actually there is 5

Where to catch misdreavus on Pokemon Diamond?

Misdreaveus only appears in Pokemon Pearl. However, there is two ways to get Misdreaveus. One is to trade a Misdreaveus from Pokemon Pearl. Another way is to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In order to trade a Misdreaveus from the Japan version of Pokemon Pearl, follow these steps. Step 1: Choose a Pokemon to trade. Step 2: Select the following Pokemon: Misdreveus. Step 3: Wait for a while. Then go back to the GTS. Step 4: You should get a Misdreveus from the Japan version of Pokemon Pearl. Step 5: Exit the GTS, then have fun with your Misdreveus.

In Pokemon gold in the underground warehouse the 3 2 1 switch order isn't working and you cant get through the last gate at the bottom?

i dont know cuz i have crystal but are the gates in basement of radio tower in glodenrod? if so it the same i dont know the order i just kept trying them and it worked!

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What is the basement switch order in Pokemon Crystal?

All three on!

What is the time capsule in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no time capsule in Pokemon Pearl version. It's only in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. You can still trade Pokemon through the Union Room or the Global Trade Station in Pearl version, though. :)

What is the difference between crystal version silver version and gold version?

The story line in crystal is a little longer and you encounter the legendary Pokemon in a different order than gold and silver. The mascot in Crystal is Suicune, one of the three legendary dogs, and can be caught in the Bell Tower after many encounters in the region. Gold and Silver's mascots are Ho-Oh, the guardian of the skies, and Lugia, the guardian of the seas. There are also some differences in the wild Pokemon. An example is in Gold, you can find Spinarak, while in Silver, you can find Ladyba.

How do you order Pokemon white version before its released?

Pre order it

How can I replace my window shutters?

You have to take the window shutters off their mounts in order to replace them.

Can i please have a list of all the Pokemon crystal version in-game trades And also if you trade a bellsprout holding a metal coat with that guy in viridian city do you get a steellix?

The Onix has to be holding the item in order to evolve.

Guy holding tm09 in Pokemon Crystal?

No, you have to trade an abra from a previous game in order to get TM09

How do you get Eevee in Pokemon Crystal?

You get it from Bill in Goldenrod city (his house is south-west of the Game Corner), but you have to talk to him in the Ecruteak Pokemon Center in order for him to be there.

What do you get if you pre-order Pokemon white version?

I think when you pre order it you'll get a free figurine of zekrom.

Where do you get the Japanese version of Pokemon white?

its easy order it in Japanese or buy it in Japan.

Would which Pokemon region was first Kanto or johto?

Kanto, the games that have kanto are in the order of new to old: pokemon heartgold & saoulsilver pokemon leaf green & fire red pokemon crystal pokemon gold & silver pokemon yellow: special pickachu version pokemon red & blue

Does syther evolve on Pokemon Crystal?

Yes, Scyther will evolve in Pokémon Crystal however it needs to be holding the Metal Coat while you're trading it in order for it to evolve.