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Q: Is sarkar is considered as kayastha?
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What nicknames does Indrajit Sarkar go by?

Indrajit Sarkar goes by Jit.

When was Manik Sarkar born?

Manik Sarkar was born on 1949-01-22.

When did Susobhan Sarkar die?

Susobhan Sarkar died on 1982-08-26.

When did Nalini Ranjan Sarkar die?

Nalini Ranjan Sarkar died in 1953.

When was Peary Charan Sarkar born?

Peary Charan Sarkar was born on 1823-01-23.

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What nicknames does Chayan Sarkar go by?

Chayan Sarkar goes by Sarkar, and Big C.

Is balmiki kayastha?

Yes, Balmiki Kayastha is a sub-caste within the larger Kayastha community in India. They primarily belong to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Members of the Balmiki Kayastha community are traditionally known for their involvement in administrative and clerical roles.

Is sarkar surname belong to schedule caste in west Bengal?

No.Sarkar Surname Is Not.They Are A Sub Section Of Kshatriya Thakurs From The Bengal Province(Modern-day Indian state of West Bengal & Bangladesh).

Is mondal are kayastha?


When was Arvind Mohan Kayastha born?

Arvind Mohan Kayastha was born on 1960-08-01.

Which caste does surname BAL in west Bengal belong to?

There are wide range classification that depends upon geography and sub caste. Bals in West Bengal could be from Medinipur or from East Bengal ( Present Bangladesh). Typically the ones in Medinipur are from lower caste and share their ancestry with the Bals from Odhisa. Bals from Barendra Anchal (Moymongsingh, Dinajpur) are considered Kulin Kayastha. Bals from Dakshin Rarhi, Bangaj are considered Moulik Saddhya Kayastha. These are lower caste aKayastha

Which caste is sikdar in bengal?

Kayastha/Brahmins. Not necessarily, Kayastha/Brahmins. it could be Sodegoap( But not Yadava) from Midnapore district

When was Beas Sarkar born?

Beas Sarkar was born in 1979.

When was Bijoy Sarkar born?

Bijoy Sarkar was born in 1903.

When did Bijoy Sarkar die?

Bijoy Sarkar died in 1985.

When was Sarkar Talwar born?

Sarkar Talwar was born in 1952.

When was Hannan Sarkar born?

Hannan Sarkar was born in 1982.