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No, there is no cure for herpes especially herpes 1.

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Q: Is there a cure for herpes 1?
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Can sage cure herpes?

Sage can't cure herpes.

Does olive leaf extract cure herpes?

No. There is no cure for herpes.

Why there is no cure to herpes of lips?

Because herpes is incurable.

Is there anything that can 100 percent get rid of herpes?

no there is no cure for herpes

Is there a cure for equine herpes?


Does flucillin cure herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection. It cannot be cured with flucillin or other antibiotics.

Cure for shphilis?

If youre asking for a cure for syphilis, then yes there is. Unlike herpes, it is not viral which means you can cure it with antibiotics.

What does olive leaf extract cure herpes?


How do you cure herpes real fast i figure it out about how to cure mouth herpes for real it work it really works?

Hi I'm from jersey City and I know the cure of all types of HERPES ITS REALLY REAL IT may save your Entire life and you can lose your virgin ok the cure is peppermint balls and Crisp mint tooth paste just rub it on your herpes mouth and use water after,for 6 months and for skin herpes is still Peppermint balls and crisp mint tooth paste with water Trust me it really works

What is the best cure for face herpes?

There is no cure once you have it you have it for lifee , there's only treatments that prevent break outs ,

What type of category is genital herpes?

I'm assuming the question refers to Genital Herpes. Herpes is officially labeled as a Virus, and being a virus it is officially known to have no cure.

What is the survival rate due to herpes?

1 in 5 people in American have herpes and may not know it. Herpes is easy to contract if you have skin to skin contact. I got herpes by just touching his fluids and then myself without having sex.