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Q: Is vivica a fox in the video for that's the way love goes?
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What is the song from the degrassi commercial that goes you im not in love its not your time?

"not in love" by crystal castle, thats the one from the last episode i think

What kind of dog did vivica a fox have in why do fools fall in love?

what kind of dog was in the movie why do fools fall in love

What is the name of the Janet Jackson video with Jennifer Lopez in it?

That's the Way Love Goes.

Joe Jonas has girfriend?

Yes he goes out with the main lead in their music video of Love bug she is 22!

Did Justin gaston like Taylor Swift?

Yes, he had a crush on Taylor during her Love Story video but not anymore. Thats why he wrote Miss Swift..that was for her.....

To love is respect To respect is love?

thats true

Is video games fun?

Thats an opinion but me personally i love video games!! Hint: dont play alot though it will make you dumb! hope this helps. check out my favorite gamers on YOUTUBE they are ihascupquake, Skydoseminecraft, stampylongnose, thediamondminecart, teamcrafted, Well thats all see ya later p.s I'm ihascupquake!

What is the name of the song that goes - I was born in love with you first saw the sun in love with you learned how to speak to say to you?

its called Old Gregg. Watch it on youtube. the video is great.

What is the video as long as you love me about?

It is about love -.-

Were is the love keyboard?

♥thats the love as long as yu put this they know yu love them

What are reasons to love someone?

What are reasons not to love someone?Thats the question. <3

If love be blind love cannot hit the mark?

Yes thats right

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