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You need to click a trading table. then, you have to wait for another person to click the same table you clicked. then you can trade.

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Q: On webkinz how do you trade in the tradeing room?
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How do you trade from Pokemon saphierre to Pokemon firered?

get a tradeing link and go to the Pokemon center and start tradeing

Were do you find Pokemon number 065 in pearl?

You have to catch a Kadabra and then evolve it by tradeing it with someone else. After you trade it, it evolves into Alakazam. I hope it helps!

Where do you trade Pokemon is Pokemon Platinum?

union room or in GTS if u wanna trade globally.

When you set a Pokemon in your Pokemon diamond game using the pokesav program will you be able to trade it in the GTS or to a friend in the union room?

you will trade you Pokemon in the gts, not in the union room. just put your Pokemon you want to trade and come back in a while if someone saw it and want to trade. hope it helped

Did Webkinz copy Neopets?

no webkinz didnt copy neopets maybe neopets copy webkinz

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How do you trade on webkinz world?

Clubhouse, trading room

How do you trade from Pokemon saphierre to Pokemon firered?

get a tradeing link and go to the Pokemon center and start tradeing

How can you get the dragon bed easy on Webkinz?

Either trade in the trading room (offer exclusives) Or, get 10 webkinz and choose it

In what trading room do you trade gems in the Webkinz Clubhouse?

You trade gems in the Collector Room in a certain color zone at a certain hour.

What makes a webkinz hungry?

go to the exersise room in the clubhouse give your webkinz another pets special food and trade in the trading room and play in the arcade for a while

Can you get exclusive items on Webkinz?

yes they usually give them as gifts when you add a pet on your account on webkinz or you could trade in the club house on webkinz in the trading room.

How do you get kinzville citizens items on Webkinz?

you can go to the trading room and trade exlusive items for them

Can you buy stuff from other animals on webkinz?

You can't but can trade at the clubhouse in the trading room

How do you get Halloween clothing on Halloween in Webkinz?

When Halloween is coming close, Webkinz puts Halloween clothing in their store. Or you can trade Halloween clothing with other Webkinz users in the trading room.

Can you get an alicazam with out tradeing in Pokemon diamond?

no. Kadabra you can get, but to evolve it you need to trade it.

How do you get the Webkinz sparkling gem wallpaper?

When doug shows up in collectors room, you can trade gems for it.

How do you get rock star sunglasses on webkinz?

you have to trade in the trading room with other people i have them