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If you are playing platinum, you should defeat Cyrus and the commander and set the three mews free. If you go back to that area, the painting should be smashed and Looker should come and give you the mission to stop Cyrus, then send you off with a black Flute (no special purpose, it just lowers the chances of a wild Pokemon encounter).

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Q: There is cave paintings in mt cornet what should you do?
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Were is reg ice in mt cornet?

If you enter Mt Coronet from Route 216 (from Snowpoint City), you should run into the cave almost immediately.

How do you get threw mt . coronet?

With the TM move strength you can move the boulders in the cave that leads to mt. cornet.

How do you get to the steel pilar on Pokemon platinum?

go to mt. cornet and go a cave

How do you get at the top of mt cornet and defeat the door?

To get to the top of Mt. Cornet you have to beat the team Galactic Eterna City and Veilstone buildings(otherwise there will be a cave painting blocking the path in Mt. Cornet) and enter Mt. Cornet from the Oreburg-Hearthrome City entrance(This is the ONLY entrance to the summit of Mt. Cornet. The other entrance takes you on the path to Snowpoint City). You need the HMs Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf (Defog won't work in the cave). Also, when you get to the crumbled cave painting, Looker will give you a Black Flute, which lowers the chance of you running into wild pokemon.

Where do you get a kadabra in Pokemon pearl?

You have to catch an Abra at a mt. cornet cave opening and train it.

Why can't you get through the wall with the paintings in mt cornet?

that is where you get palkia or dialga. Do you have all 8 badges yet?

How do you get a dilga?

in mt cornet in mt cornet

How do you get on mt cornet?

you have to go thru the cave that leeds to mt cornet(at the bottem)and just keep'll need certain Pokemon that have the right HMS to get thru the obsticals like boulders n stuff.

Where are the orbs for Dialga and Palkia in platinum?

I'm pretty sure there at the top of mt. cornet and where you found dailga and palkia if you haven't found them in the game i just told you =] this guy is wrong about where the orbs are but it is in the cave and the cave is in a cave and you wak by it when you are exploring in mt. cornet so look down where you walk when you see water [ peace :)

How do you get past the cave painting on platanum in Mt Cornet?

You need to of released the lakePokemon (Azelf, Mesphrit, and Uxie). The you can go there and the cave painting will be demolished.

Where is the peak of mt cornet?

deep inside the cave make sure to have plenty of repels it is a long walk. :)

How do you get past the galactic grunt blocking the cave entrence in mt cornet in Pokemon diamond?

there is another entrance on the left