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Q: What are Frost plus bacteria?
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Is it normal for urine to have plus plus bacteria?

No. Normal urine should be sterile.

What characteristics of bacteria make them useful in genetic engineering experiments?

Well, my biology class was just learning about this. Transgenic organisms are bacteria, plants, or animals that are genetically modified to produce a desired product. Bacteria can be modified from frost plus to frost free, so that when they live on and near crops, making them frost free, which lengthens growing season. Some can be modified with insect toxins and live in and on roots which protects the plants from insects eating them. Scientists have also enhanced their ability to break down oil to help with oil spills. Another is to "clean" toxins in toxic waste dumps. These are just the examples that our teacher gave us. There are many more ways bacteria can be modified.

Is it safe to eat frost out of freezer during pregnancy?

Unless the freezer has been kept scrupulously clean -- unlikely, if it has frost -- the frost probably harbors a variety of bacteria, which could include salmonella among others. Since they could reactivate when thawed out, it is quite dangerous to eat the frost, especially if pregnant. We suggest a blender and ice cubes to make shaved ice.

How do you find frost dragon egg on DOA?

You can find the frost egg by defeating level 7 plus mountains. You need to defeat this using either a Guardian dragon or the Great dragon.

How could genetic engineering help keep strawberries from being damaged in a frost?

Bacteria added to the berries would be missing a certain protein.

How are fish and bacteria different with respect to the concentrations of H plus ions they can withstand?

fish can't photosynthesize, but bacteria can photosynthesize.

Are burmese pythons posins?

no theyre contrisctors plus they have bacteria that can harm you if bitten

It covers your window?


Which type of bacteria are present in curd either gram plus ve or gram -ve bacteria?

The bacteria present in curd are primarily Gram-positive bacteria. These include species like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Gram-negative bacteria are not typically found in curd as the fermentation process favors the growth of Gram-positive bacteria.

What does 3 plus mean in a blood occult test?

3 plus means 3 or more bacteria seen in one field of slide

What Christmas word that covers the window and rhymes with lost?

It is frost.

Is there life on feces?

Its made up of bacteria so yes there is. Plus some insects will utilise this