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Q: What are prominent names of nair community?
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Does Guptan caste belongs to Nair community?

yes, i t is equal to Nair community

What are the sub castes of nair community?

deewari in calicut district comes under nair caste

Is kavya madhavan is nair?

no , she is from the saliya community of northern kerala

Does kavya madhavan belongs to saliya community?

Usually ayurvedic physicians , weavers and warriors in olden days were supposed to belong to ezhava/thiyya community.well we do not know how weavers were got changed to to a particular class of people called 'saliya' community called 'pilla'[not pillai of nair community];a very strange transformation.this pilla does not belong to nair community.

When was Videsi Nair Swadesi Nair created?

Videsi Nair Swadesi Nair was created in 2002.

Does ezhuthachan caste belongs to nair community?

Yes , can say that , ezhuthachan was the title given to the teachers in ancient era, there is nothing to do with caste . Thunjath Ezhuthachan had a daughter married into nair community even the lineage still exists,however the disciples of Thunjath Ezhuthachan Prabhu were nairs and menons like (Gopalan Ezhuthachan(Nair),Suryanarayan Ezhuthachan (Menon) ) , You can read this blog , to know more, its interesting. To differentiate the Ezhuthachans in the Kaduppattan community from Ezhuthachans of other communities, they were called Kaduppotta Ezhuthachan or 'Kaduppottezhssan'

The names of prominent delegates who voted to ratify the Constitution and their?

The answer is to have sex+

What are the names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies?

The names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies are FBI which means Federal Bureau investigation. Which is a goverment agency that is secret from the public for some stuff.

What is the birth name of Navya Nair?

Navya Nair's birth name is Dhanya Nair.

If the Chakkala Nair and nair are the same caste?

chakkala is obc and chakkala nair is general

What are the ratings and certificates for Videsi Nair Swadesi Nair - 2002?

Videsi Nair Swadesi Nair - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: India:UA

Can ezhuthachan caste belongs to nair community?

All Ezhuthachan are not nairs but Nairs can be ezhuthachan, Because Ezhuthachan is a title for teachers , its not where related to caste