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The story of Tracy Beaker: Tracy Beaker, Mike Milligan, Justine Littlewood, Louise Goven, Adele Apuzadi, Peter Ingham, Bradley Pakova, Laurence Pakova, Amber Hurst, Marco Maloney, Jackie Hopper, Michael Grys, Roxy Wellard, Rio Wellard, Chantelle Wellard, Rebecca Charmers,

Tracy beaker returns: Tracy Beaker, Gina Conway, Mike Milligan, Cam Lawson, Saffire Fox, Lily Kettle, Tee Taylor, Jonny Taylor, Frank Matthews, Liam O'Donavan, Toby Coleman, Carmen Howle, Gus Carmichael, Harry Mason, Rosie Kettle, Poppy Kettle.

The other characters surnames are not mentioned.

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Q: What are the last names of characters in Tracy beaker?
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Tracy beaker characters name and last name?

Tracy Beaker's full name is Tracy Louise Beaker. Some other characters from the series include Cam Lawson, Justine Littlewood, and Mike Milligan.

What was Tracy beaker returns last episode called?

"Goodbye, Tracy Beaker"

Is tracey beaker Jacqueline Wilson?

No, Tracy Beaker isn't based on anyone. Jacqueline thought that she wanted to write a story about a troubled girl in care called Tracy, but she couldn't think of a last name, so in the bath she was experimenting with names like Tracy Toilet, Tracy Bath and then she was rinsing her hair with an old plastic snoopy beaker and she thought- Tracy Beaker!!!

What is kitty's last name in Tracy beaker returns?

It is allen

What is the password on the last issue of Tracy beaker?

rubbish qustion

When was the last Tracy beaker filmed?

Febuary 5th 2004

What is the last episode in Tracy beaker returns called?

good times

What is elektra's last name on Tracy beaker returns?

she doesn't have one.

Who is Tracy beaker's dad?

Tracy Beaker's dad is unknown in the book series by Jacqueline Wilson. Throughout the stories, Tracy has a complicated relationship with her absent father, who is not actively involved in her life.

How old was dani harmer when she started playing Tracy beaker?

Dani Harmer was 12 years old when she first started her role in Tracy Beaker. The first series of Tracy Beaker started in 2002 and the last series, series 5 finished late 2006. Hope this helped!

When and where will the next Tracy Beaker returns auditions be?

There won't be. They have finished filming Tracy Beaker returns forever now, the last series will be shown on CBBC in Janurary 2012. Sorry to dissapoint.

How did Tracy Beaker get her last name?

She got her name because she was improvising by thinking of a new name