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That he wanted to marry Katniss's mom.

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Q: What did Peeta's father confide to him about katniss mother?
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What did Peetas father confide to him about Kat's mother?

Well Peeta's father wanted to marry Katniss' mother, but she loved Katniss' father because "when he sang, the birds stopped to listen."

What did Peeta and father confide to him about Katniss and mother?

Her singing and beauty

Who all comes and visits katniss in the hunger games?

Prim and Katnisses mother, Gale Hawthorne and Peetas father

Who were Peetas dad in the first book?

He is the Seam's baker, brought Katniss cookies before they left for the Games, and fell in love with Katniss's mother when they were younger

How did Peeta's mother hurt his feelings before he left for the Hunger Games?

When Peeta and Katniss are on the train, Peeta tell Katniss that before he left, his mother came to see him. These were Peetas words:"My mom said 'shes a fighter, that one.' she is! She meant you!"

What is the difference between Peetas mother and father?

Peeta's mother is harsh and cold (she beat up her son when he burned a loaf of bread) while his father is caring and unselfish

Why does Katniss get mad at her mom in the games?

When Katniss's father died in a mine explosion, her mother was so devastated that she went into a state of "zoning out" where she was completely unresponsive and it left the entire role of caring and providing for the family to Katniss and it made her mad

What happens to Katniss's mother when the father dies?

She goes into depression and ignores Prim and Katniss causing Katniss to go hunting to provide for herself and Prim.

Who came to see Katniss before she left for the Capitol in the book hunger games?

Peeta's father Madge Gale Katniss's mother Prim.

What does peeta tel katniss his father said about her mother?

"As long as you find yourself, you will never starve."

What is katniss mothers mental state how has it affected katniss?

Katniss' mother has depression because of her husband's ( Katniss and Prim's father) died, so she doesn't look after them she is in her own world, so Katniss had to put food on the table for her family, she had to look after all of them.

How does katniss mother react to her husbands death?

Although Katniss loves her mother, she feels deeply betrayed by her and cannot trust her because she abandoned them after her father died and left eleven year old Katniss to fend for herself and feed her little sister Prim, who was seven.