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to stop playing Pokemon

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Q: What did all the Kimono Girls say?
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Do you battle the kimono girls after you have all of the badges?


Where are the kimono girls in ecruteak in Pokemon heart gold?

the kimono girls are located in ecruteak in the dance studioYou can find them all over Johto!

Where are the kimono girls in the whirl cavern?

The Kimono girls are where Lugia is, very deep inside the cavern. Basically, search for Lugia and you will find the Kimono girls, too.

Where are the kimono girls in Pokemon HeartGold?

the kimono girls are in ecruteak city in the dance theater

How do you fight the kimono girls?

you have to beat all 8 gyms first, then go see professor elm. Once you do that then go to the dance studio to battle the kimono girls.

When will all the kimono girls show up in the theatre?

After you get the Masterball from Elm.

How do you find the kimono girls?

All over. Violet to whirl islands 

Where are the kimono girls in silver?

kimono girls is in eucruteak city down part of tin tower.

Where do you get TM surf in Pokemon Crystal?

When you get to Ecruteak City, go to the house where the Kimono girls are. Beat all of them, and after that, speak to the man with the Rhydon. He is in the same room as the Kimono girls. He will give you surf.

Where can you find all the kimono girls in soul silver?

Late in the game at ecrutrak

Where are all the kimono girls in heart gold?

Ecruteak City at the dance floor.

How do you sommon Ho-oh in Pokemon heartgold?

In heartgold you need to have all 8 badges and have defeated all 5 of the kimono girls and then go up the tower. At the top will be the kimono girls and they will do a dance that summons ho-oh.