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Bring eevee to the rock and use a rare candy on him/her to get a glaceon. or level up in grass to evolve, both work also they both work with the green rock in eterna forest to evolve into leafeon

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If you were to obtain an Eevee, then levelling it up here will make it evolve into a Glaceon.

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You can't melt it a all. It is there for evolving Pokemon. If you train an êvê there it will evolve into a galceion.

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Q: What do you do with the frozen rock at twist mountain on Pokemon white?
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Where is the twist mountain in pokemon white?

Twist Mountain is north of Skyla's Gym (the bird pokemon specialist.)

When you get gurdur in Pokemon White?

in Twist mountain

Is there any legendary Pokemon in twist mountain in Pokemon white?


How do you get a cryogonal in Pokemon white version?

Twist Mountain

Where is twist mountain in Pokemon Black and White?

Twist Mountain is to the east of Route 7 and to the south of Icirrus City.

Where can you find a crygonal on Pokemon Black and White?

twist mountain

How do you get through twist mountain in Pokemon white 2?

You can only access Twist Mountain once you've completed the game.

Where is surf on pokemon white?

It's on Twist Mountain where Alder will give it to you.

How do you find HM Surf in Pokemon White?

you get from alder at twist mountain.

How do you go to twist mountain in Pokemon Black and White?

Twist Mountain is located right before you reach Iccirus City on Route 7.

How do you get surf on Pokemon White?

alder will give it to you before you enter twist mountain

Where is Mt.Neji on the Pokemon Black version?

There is no MT.Neji in Pokemon Black/White