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It raises you Digimons happiness but lowers stats. You cant get rid of it, but it only appears if you mistreat your Digimon.

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Q: What does the butterfly looking icon on Digimon World?
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How can you have digimon in Digimon World DS?

To obtain digimon after your starter, you must find them in the wild. it will be scanned. If you find a certain digimon enough times it will reach 100%. now go to your digifarm, select the digimon icon and select Digiconvert. choose the digimon you scanned and you can make one.

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just when you go tohunt that is by clicking the door when the map appears just click the settings icon

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It's not actually 'catching' because you don't go around grabbing every Digimon you see then run off with it. For one, your rank should be a bit high, because it takes longer to get the Digimon if it's low, though it's worth it in the end. Walk around in the area that the Digimon you want appears in, battle it several times until you see an icon at the beginning of the battle that says 100%, or even higher than that. Then, go back to your Tamer Home and go to the computer, click on 'Digi-convert', go through the list until you find the Digimo you want to convert, click it, then TA-DAH, you have your own (insert Digimon name here). =3

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