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From the original series : episode 29 - "Operation: Annihilate!"

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Q: What episode in star trek has creatures that leave sucker marks on Spock and they also fly and are flat like a flounder.?
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In what episode of Star Trek the Original Series has Spock petting a black cat?

Spock is seen petting Isis , the black cat , in the episode "Assignment: Earth".

In what TOS episode was Spock briefly blinded?

Spock was blinded for only a brief period of time in an ST-TOS (Star Trek: The Original Series) episode titled: "Operation: Annihilate!".

Who said Terror must be Maintained or the Empire will fall?

Evil Spock and Evil Kirk . . . . . . . . Actually it was Spock, and just Spock (not Kirk), but in the alternate universe in the episode, Mirror, Mirror, so this alternate Spock (goatee, and all) has become known as "Evil Spock"; and, actually, (Evil) Spock said: "Terror must be maintained, or The Empire is doomed. It is the logic of history."

In what episode of 'Star Trek' did Kirk say 'Not chess Mr. Spock - Poker'?

The Corbomite Maneuver.

Did Spock say The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few in the TV series?

In which Star Trek TV series episode did Spock say "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"?

What Star Trek episode did Spock use the value of pi to crash the computer?

In TOS episode Return to Tomorrow where was Spock's consciousness hidden when Henoch destroyed the globe-shaped vessel that contained it?

Mr. Spock's consciousness was hidden in Christine Chapel's mind after Henoch destroyed the vessel it was contained within in Star Trek The Original Series episode "Return to Tomorrow".

In the original Star Trek series How did the Federation first meet with Mr Spock?

In "The Original Series" Mr. Spock was already onboard as the Science Officer; both the Pilot episode, and the released series. In the latest movie, Kirk met Spock when he 'cheated' at the "Kobayashi Maru" test, or at the trial quickly following it.

What does ponfo miran mean?

It is a Vulcan phrase for "Go to hell." It was used in a Big Bang Theory episode Spock Resonance.

In Star Trek The original series what is Spock's best episode?

I don't know if anyone can objectively say what the best Spock episode is, especially when to a large degree it's a matter of taste. Even making an humble but honest effort to do so is likely to result in fierce debate. However, here are my favorites... The Galileo Seven & The Tholian Web - Spock's leadership at its finest. The Immunity Syndrome - Spock puts his life on the line to save the Enterprise. Other episodes worth mentioning... The Menagerie Parts 1 & 2 - Spock hijacks the enterprise in order to transport his previous commander to a quarantined planet. Two of the most famous episodes, but to an extent just an excuse to work in most of the footage from the pilot episode. The Paradise Syndrome - Spock in command (in this case of the Enterprise), but not with the success of the aforementioned episodes. Amok Time & Journey to Babel - Probably the most relevant Spock "origin" episodes, Journey to Babel being the better one in my opinion. The Enterprise Incident & The Deadly Years - Episodes in which Spock is forced to question Kirk's competency. The Naked Time - Spock is forced to reveal inner-most feelings. More believable (less over-the-top) in my opinion than the instances in "This Side Of Paradise" and "All Our Yesterdays". In my humble opinion, The Menagerie and All Our Yesterdays were Spock's best. This Side of Paradise was Leonard Nimoy's personal favorite. The Naked Time was the episode which caused Nimoy's fan mail to increase and Spock to become Star Trek's most popular character. Spock was the only character in every episode, so everyone choose your favorite!

Where is Mr. spock's heart located?

Spock's heart (as established in the Star Trek episode "A Private Little War") is located where a human's liver is located. This allows him to survive a bullet shot through the back where a human would die.

When was Spock created?

Spock was created in 1966.

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