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Bill Anderson is known as an American singer, songwriter and television personality. He has released over 40 albums and is one of the most successful songwriters in Country Music history.

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Q: What is Bill Anderson known for?
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Who is whispering bill Anderson's present girlfriend?

As of my last update, Bill Anderson's current girlfriend is undisclosed or not publicly known.

What is Bill Anderson's birthday?

Bill Anderson was born on November 1, 1937.

Is Becky Anderson married to Bill Anderson?

Reportedly, Bill Anderson was at one time married to Becky Anderson, but they are married no longer. He was also married to Bette Anderson.

How many times has country star Bill Anderson been married?

Bill Anderson has been married twice, to Becky Anderson and to Bette Anderson.

When was Bill Anderson - strongman - born?

Bill Anderson - strongman - was born on 1937-06-06.

When was Sometimes - Bill Anderson song - created?

Sometimes - Bill Anderson song - was created in 1975-11.

Is singer bill Anderson married?

As of early 2014, the country singer Bill Anderson has been married twice. He is currently married to Becky Anderson.

When and where was baseball player Bill Anderson born?

Bill Anderson was born November 28, 1895, in Boston, MA, USA.

When was Connie Smith Sings Bill Anderson created?

Connie Smith Sings Bill Anderson was created in 1967-05.

How tall is Bill Anderson the singer?

Bill is 6'3"

Does Whispering Bill Anderson have children?


What was Whispering Bill Anderson's first wife's name?

Bill Anderson's first wife's name was Becky. They were married from 1959 to 1997.