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Everything is fiction and not real. >.>

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Q: What is a spell to get turned into a waterbender?
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How do you say Waterbender From French to English?

It's the same.

What element has the capacity to release serotonin?

Water. Although you must be a waterbender to achieve such.

Is suka a water bender off of the last airbender?

Sokka isn't a Waterbender.

Does quickbook spell check?

Yes. Quickbooks can do spellcheck through the Spell Check feature which is automatically turned on by default.

How do you spell the word lowd like my phones turned on lowd?


Is this how you spell madossa?

No, that is not how you spell it. No such word exists in the English language.Perhaps you were trying to spell Medusa.In mythology, Medusa had a head of snakes. Those who looked at her turned to stone.

How was kataras mother killed?

The Southern Raiders, Sea Ravens, of the Fire Nation came tothe southern water tribe in search of the last waterbender there, which was Katara. Her mother lied to protect her, however, and told the captainof the fleet that she was a waterbender, instead of Katara. He killed her instantly.

Who is the strongest waterbender?

Aang when he is in the Avatar state. No normal water bender could do what Aang did at the north pole

Who cast a spell on Medusa?

In Greek myth, no spell was cast upon Medusa.Medusa's hair was sometimes said to be turned to serpents by Athena.

How do you spell pivoted?

That is the correct spelling for the word "pivoted" (turned, twisted around).

How do you spell leaft?

If you walked out, you left. If you've turned pages in a book, you leafed through it.

What lady created the spell that turned stuff in to stone on panfu?

kamaria off course !!