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Mary Mary Went To California College School....

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Q: What is the last name of Mary Mary?
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What was mary queen of scotts last name?

Her last name was Stuart.

What is 'Mary Inez' when translated from English to Italian?

you cant really translate last names.. your last name is your last name. Mary is either maria or mariuch but mariuch is more of a nickname for Mary

What is the birth name of Brenda Last?

Brenda Last's birth name is Brenda Mary Last.

Why do Tina erica of Mary Mary husband have the same last name?

Both sisters are married to unrelated men with the last name Campbell.

Is Mary Martha Reid's last name Reid her maiden or married last name?

It is her married last name, her maiden name is Swan. Her maiden name is Smith. She was related to the Swanns. She was born in St Mary's GA. Parents Capt James and Mrs Mary (Thorpe) Smith.

What was Mary queen of Scott name?

Her last name was Stuart.

What is Mary Kate's last name?


Is Magdalene Mary last name or is Magdalene the place she came from?

Magdalene was Marys last name.

On the Mary Tyler Moore Show what was Rhodas last name?

When she was single, her last name was Morgenstern.

What is Katy Perry's parent's last name?

Hudson. Keith and Mary Hudson. Perry is Mary's maiden name.

What was King William and Mary's last name?

Their family name was orange

What was Mary's last name?

Mary I of England was Mary Tudor and Mary, Queen of Scots was Mary Stuart and Mary II of England was also Mary Stuart.