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I want to know meaning of kun faya kun

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Q: What is the meaning of kun faya kun?
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Faya-Largeau's population is 14,123.

When was Faya - band - created?

Faya - band - was created in 2003.

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George Faya is 5' 9".

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How do you say thank-you in Thai?

khob-kun ขอบคุณ.khob-kun-Ka, If you are a woman.khob-kun-Krub, If you are a man.Moreover, Khob kun is used in general for every and you can say Kob-jai too. It has the same meaning with Khob-kun but can be used with the younger or friends, not suits to use with the elder.It's something like "kop chai"

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Soan's birth name is Julien Faya.

What does kun mean as in kun aguero?


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Huang Kun died in 2005.