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Q: What is the physic class in Harry Potter called?
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Would you class Harry Potter books as monster stories?


Is there any OWL tests or quizzes for Herbology in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potters Herbology class, in his sixth year, Harry Potter took O.W.L.s not quizzes. (Quizzes are for Muggles)

Where do you go to get to the class Magic Divination on Harry Potter?

Hagrids houes

What are the Harry Potter spells in Ghoul Studies?

Ghoul Studies is not a class.

What is Narsium?

I think it is a plant in a Harry Potter book that they use in their herbology class.

What class do you take in school computer arts?

Harry potter Type your answer here...

Does Harry Potter hate snape?

Yes because Snape thought of Harry as the weakest student of the class

What does Harry Potter fail in his Ordinary Wizarding Levels?

Harry potter fails potions... He states to Professir mcGonagall that he did not get a high enough mark to do advanced potions, a class needed to become an Auror

In Harry Potter what is the broom stick flying class called?

There is no name for it, as it is not exactly an official class (unlike D.A.D.A.). It's referred to in the first book, chapter nine (The Midnight Duel), as Fying Lessons (pg. 107).

What are the lyrics to potter puppet pals school is for losers?

this is the script Harry: I,m harry potter, school is for losers, I,m totally awsome Snape: Harry Potter, you've been absent from potions class for 3 weeks and I have no choice but to (goes muffled)num num num num num num Harry Potter num num num (harry punches snape then plays saxaphone) awsome

What does Severus Snape teach in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Severus Snape teaches Potions class.

What did Hagrid teach at Harry Potter' third year at Hogwats?

He taught the 'Care of Magical Creatures' class.