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It is about a family moving to Florida from Texas and Erick is the older brother and the younger brother is half blind and Erik play football and the younger one plays soccer and they both enjoy their event's. The younger brother is a goalie and the older one is a extra player.

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Q: What is the story tangerine about?
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What was the moral of the story tangerine?

Follow your dreams despite setbacks

On the story tangerine Why did Paul go on a carnival rides?

because he

What is an onomatopoeia in the book tangerine?

One example of an onomatopoeia in the book "Tangerine" is "whoomph," which is used to describe the sound of a large explosion during a lightning storm in the story.

Why does the story end with golden dawn Tangerine book?

The use of "golden dawn" and "Tangerine book" at the end of the story could symbolize completion, enlightenment, or a new beginning. It suggests a sense of warmth, color, and brightness, potentially indicating a positive or transformative ending to the story.

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Was where a tangerine movie based on the book by edward bloor?

No it's not a true story.

What is the problem in the story and was it solved in tangerine?

The main problem in the story "Tangerine" is the toxic environment in Paul's new school, where corruption, discrimination, and bullying are rampant. The resolution comes as Paul stands up to those perpetuating these issues and finds his voice to speak out against them, ultimately leading to some form of justice and change within the school.

When was The Tangerine Bear created?

The Tangerine Bear was created in 2000.

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