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In most Science Fiction, the rank and command structure is based on real world navies; as such the rank of a commanding officer of a starship can range from Ensign all the way to Admiral, depending for the most part on the size of the vessel.

Captain is both a rank and title. In a military structure based on real world navies, the rank of Captain falls between 'Commander' and 'Admiral'

The title of Captain refers to the officer in command of the vessel, who is responsible for its safe and efficient operation, including navigation, crew management, etc. All persons on board, including officers and crew, other shipboard staff members, passengers, and guests, are under the captain's authority and are his ultimate responsibility.

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Q: What rank is held by the commanding officer of a starship?
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Is there a rank of vice capatin in the navy?

No, there is no such rank in the US Navy. There is a Vice Admiral ranking. And the assistant to the commanding officer of a vessel is called the Executive Officer.

Captain is this the highest rank on a submarine?

Regardless of rank, the commanding officer of a ship is always referred to as the ship's captain.

What is the difference of a commander to a general?

A commander is an officer of any rank who is actually commanding an army/navy/airforce unit. A general is someone having that specific rank, but who is not necessarily actively commanding an army unit.

Who is the highest rank officer in the Nigeria NAVY and what is his rank held?

Admiral of the fleet

Who do you call attention on deck for in the navy?

Attention on Deck is called for on the arrival of the Commanding Officer. It is also used for any Flag grade officer, which is Captain or Above. The first person to spot the arrival calls the room to attention.

When do you announce Attention on Deck?

The first rule is when your commanding officers comes into the room. When someone above the rank of your commanding officer enters the room. When a Medal of Honor winner enters the room.

What was Mr Spock's forte?

Mr Spock is the second-in-command of the Original Starship Enterprise, his rank is Commander. He also serves as the chief Science Officer.

During the civil war if a general died who would take his place?

well the next commanding officer with the greatest rank would replace him

Who drives commanding naval officers around?

It depends on the rank of the officer in question as to the rank of driver (senior officers rate higher ranked drivers), but in most cases, it's whoever has the duty that day for driving or attending the officer in question. In most cases, it's a Senior Enlisted Petty Officer on the Officer's staff.

What higher rank can demote a sergeant?

Any military demotion would have to be accomplished through an administrative disciplinary action or a courts martial. These are under the purview of the command the individual is attached to. The unit commanding officer or his designee could perform these actions, and as for rank, a commanding officer could be almost any officer rank, depending on the type of unit. This, of course, is only in the case of a E-5 or E-6. An E-7 or higher would require a brigade level or higher Courts Marshall.

What was c.h lightollers rank?

commander RNR

What does captain mean in us navy ranks?

A Captain generally is an officer holding the O-6 rank. However, An officer who is in charge of a ship can also be called a Captain. For example a Commander (O-5) who is the Commanding officer of a ship is the Ships Captain.