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Q: What was bill Robinson childhood like?
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What was bill Clinton childhood like?

it was boring

What team Jackie Robinson played for?

what was jackie robinson's childhood

What did Mary Robinson do in her childhood?

She farted

What did bill Robinson do?

Bill Robinson was a tap dancer and an actor.

Was Jackie Robinson in a gang in his childhood?

Yes he was

Was Jackie Robinson wealthy in his childhood?


What the main idea of Jackie Robinson childhood?

i think his childhood is trying to achieve his goel

How did Jackie Robinson feel in his childhood?

he felt sad

Why is Bill Robinson famous?

Bill Robinson was the nations first great tap dancer

When was Bill Robinson - outfielder - born?

Bill Robinson - outfielder - was born on 1943-06-26.

When did Bill Robinson - outfielder - die?

Bill Robinson - outfielder - died on 2007-07-29.

When did Bill Robinson - author - die?

Bill Robinson - author - died on 2007-04-03.