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Q: What year was the defeat of chief Logan?
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When was the defeat of chief Logan?

when was Quebec founded

When was Chief Logan State Park created?

Chief Logan State Park was created in 1969.

Indian Chief whose entire family was killed by a group of settlers in WV?

Indian Chief Logan. By which Logan county in West virginia was named for.

Who was the leader of the mingo Indian tribe?

Chief Logan

What did chief Logan achieve?

He took a ship to the usa

What is the job of the Iroquois chief?

a person who leads his people

What year was it when Logan Lerman was 9?

Logan lerman was 9 in the year 2001

What did chief Logan do?

Chief Logan is a american indian who helped settlers move into oHIO rIVER vALLEY. He soon went to batte when the settlers killed his parents.Then soon he died in battle by europeans

How do you defeat Chief Chilly on super Mario 64 DS?

you defeat chief chilly by making him fall of the edge i think (i still cannot do it)

Who killed chief Logans family?

Chief Logan's family was killed by a group of settlers led by Daniel Greathouse as part of the events leading up to Lord Dunmore's War in 1774. The incident, known as the Yellow Creek Massacre, was a violent retaliation against a group of Native Americans, including members of Logan's family. Chief Logan then sought revenge against the settlers, leading to further conflict.

What year was Logan born?

Wolverine, aka Logan was born James Howlett sometime in the 1880s.

Who is the bad guy in fable 3?

Logan is the evil king that you overthrow, and also your brother. There is also an evil darkness that you meet later in the game right before you defeat Logan and he is your other boss at the end of the game.