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TED, when used with the term 'TED Hose' is an acronym for Thrombo Embolic Deterrent, or as you may hear more commonly: 'TEDs.' TEDs are tight, thick, elastic stockings that go on the legs and are used as a preventative measure to reduce the occurrence of emboli/blood clots in the legs. Emboli occur more frequently in people who are not very active, who spend a lot of time in bed during a lengthy illness or who are unable to get up for a few days following surgery. And, some people just seem to be at more risk than others due to other health issues. When one is unable to walk or get up and about, the blood tends to stagnate or 'pool' in the legs which sets up an environment where blood clots can easily form. The TEDs compress those areas in the legs, decreasing the chances of the blood pooling and turning into clots. So, if your doctor wants you to use TEDS, now you know the reason. And for most folks, the sooner you get up and walking about, the sooner your doctor might discontinue your TEDs. That's why nurses seem to be such a pain in telling you to try getting up and walking after surgery when you really don't want to or if your surgical site hurts like the dickens: they just don't want you to get blood clots in your legs. Blood clots are NOT fun and they start a whole lot of other bad stuff you don't want.

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Q: When is a ted-hose applied?
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