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Q: When to apply deck over?
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Can you apply a ureathane over deck stain?

No, you should not apply urethane over deck stain. You should sand down the old deck stain first before applying any other type of finish.

Can you apply oil based deck stain over acrylic stain?


How do you apply Kool Deck?

Kool Deck is applied by licensed contractors. I think their website has a contractor locator.

Can you paint over kool deck?

can you stain over kool deck pool paint

How do you use deck in a sentence?

A sentence for deck chair is: The deck chair was getting old, so we refinished it. He enjoyed sitting outside on the deck chair.

Where to get plans for a roof over a deck?

A good place to get plans for a roof over a deck is Lawn & Garden they have great images and reliable information bout putting a roof over a deck.

Which sealant is best for waterproofing a deck?

Thompson's WaterSeal is one of the best deck sealant's available. It is easy to apply, like paint, and once you have a few coats on it should protect your deck for years.

Did my deck in rust paint it is slippery what can I do?

Apply some non-slip floor paint

Will Debby Ryan be returning to suite life on deck?

The suite life on deck is over

Do you have to have railing on your deck?

Yes you do if it is over 30 inches high.

Will there be a new season of the suite life on deck?

No. Not exactly suite life on deck is DONE OVER.

Can you use a sponge to apply deck stain to vertical surfaces?

You can use a sponge applicator on a broom handle or extension