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these are her siblings including her: Susan Brownell (1820), Daniel Read (1822), Jacob Merritt (1824), Guelma Penn (1826), Hannah E. (1828), Mary Stafford (1830), and Eliza Tefft (1832).

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Daniel and Lucy Anthony

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she died in a house in neverland

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Q: Where did Susan B. Anthonys mom die?
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What age did Susan B Anthonys her father die?

year 2000

What does the ''B'' stand for in Susan B Anthonys name?


What was Susan B. Anthonys nationality?

Native american

What color was Susan B Anthonys skin?


What day is Susan B. Anthonys birthday on?

February 15th, 1820

What is Susan B. Anthonys favorite drink?

Fight for girls rights.

What were Susan B. Anthonys interests?

Susan B. Anthony was interested in sewing, math, fighting for women's rights, and justice.

What was the purpose of Susan B Anthonys act of civil disobedience?

She wanted women to have the right to vote.

What was Susan b Anthony's race?

The race of Susan B Anthony was white she was born in America her mom and dad where both white ?

What were some of Susan B. Anthonys hobbies?

She read sometimes. posted feb.17 by a 9 and a half year old

When did Susan B. Ganong die?

Susan B. Ganong died on 1961-04-29.

Who is Susan B Athonys parents?

the mom is sindy the dad is robert