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78 silly gosh dont u know anything :]

ImprovementShe was 24, born in in October 1744 and married in July 1769 to John Casper Hays. The second time she was married she was about 49 and that was to John McCauley, a friend of her late husband. In January 1832 she passed away due to skin cancer when she was approximately 87.

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Her real name was Mary Ludwig Hays and then Mary Ludwig McCauley (Ludwig being her maiden name), when she got famous and received her nickname 'Molly Pitcher', originally 'Moll of the Pitcher', she was married to John Hays. And she got famous at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28th, 1778, where, reportedly, her husband was shot and she took his place at his cannon.

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24 silly gosh don't YOU know anything?? (:

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Molly Pitcher was first married in 1770. To William Hays.

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i think molly pitcher was married 2 or 3 times

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she got married in a bloody swamp filled with naked Zombies

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Q: Where did molly pitcher get married?
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When was molly pitcher married second?

Molly Pitcher remarried in 1893

What did George mccauley do?

He married Molly Pitcher!-

When did Molly pitcher marry George McCauley?

Molly Pitcher married her second husband, George McCauley in 1789.

How old was Molly Pitcher when she was getting married?


Did Molly Pitcher marry in 1768?

no, she married for the first time in 1778.

Who is molly pitcher husband?

Molly pitcher, also known as Mary Ludwig, Married 2 People. Her first husband was William Hays and Later married a War veteran named John McCauley.

Did molly pitcher live on a farm till she was 13?

yes molly pitcher lived on a farm till she was 13 then became a slave and married her master, Willam Hays.

What accent did Molly Pitcher have?

German and Irish because she was from Germany, but she was married to an Irishman.

What year did Molly Pitcher and george mccauley get married?

1700 she married william hays after he died she re-married some guy

At what age did Molly Pitcher get married to John Hayes?

I don't know! that is why i came on the internet to find out when she married him.

What was the year and day that Molly Pitcher was married the first time?

To William Hays in 1770

Who was Molly Pitcher's husband?

she had two husbands the first one was John hays. john hays died in a war,he died in 1789 not long after his death molly pitcher married George Macaulay he was not so nice to molly