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I don't know! that is why i came on the internet to find out when she married him.

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she was married at age 24

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Q: At what age did Molly Pitcher get married to John Hayes?
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Who was Molly Pitcher's husband?

she had two husbands the first one was John hays. john hays died in a war,he died in 1789 not long after his death molly pitcher married George Macaulay he was not so nice to molly

Who is molly pitcher husband?

Molly pitcher, also known as Mary Ludwig, Married 2 People. Her first husband was William Hays and Later married a War veteran named John McCauley.

Did Molly Pitcher use a gun or cannon?

Yes Molly Pitcher used a cannon when her husbend John fell to the ground because of the heat. Molly started to swab and lode. George Washington heard of this and from then on she was know as a Sergeant .

What was Molly Pitcher's children named?


Did Molly Pitcher have kids?

No, Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley) did not have children, even though she did have a husband, John Hays, who was killed. Shortly after, she remarried McCauley.

Molly Pitcher's parents names?

Dad: John George Ludwig Mom: Gretchen LudwigActually There are more then one molly pictcher IM in the 5th grade . Im doing Margarette corbin. Another molly pitcher . Molly pitcher was just a nick name giving by the army. When a lady is taking care of them. Every molly pitcher did this when her husband was down she fired the cannon.

Did Molly Pitcher have children?

Molly Pitcher did have a child, and he was with John Hays. The baby was a boy and was born in 1780. Molly and John named him John Jr. after his dad. and a dude

Who did molly pitcher go into war with?

Her husband,John Hays

Did Molly Pitcher marry john McCauley?

yes in 1793

Where did molly pitcher get married?

78 silly gosh dont u know anything :]ImprovementShe was 24, born in in October 1744 and married in July 1769 to John Casper Hays. The second time she was married she was about 49 and that was to John McCauley, a friend of her late husband. In January 1832 she passed away due to skin cancer when she was approximately 87. More Info:Her real name was Mary Ludwig Hays and then Mary Ludwig McCauley (Ludwig being her maiden name), when she got famous and received her nickname 'Molly Pitcher', originally 'Moll of the Pitcher', she was married to John Hays. And she got famous at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28th, 1778, where, reportedly, her husband was shot and she took his place at his cannon.To The Person Who Originally Posted:24 silly gosh don't YOU know anything?? (:

What is Molly Pitcher's husbands name?

Her first husband was John Hays, after he died shortly after the war she married her second husband, John Mcauley.

What were the names of Molly Pitcher's kids?

Molly Pitcher was only known to have one children during her lifetime. This child was her son named John L. Hays.