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it can be found on routes 24, 25, 43, or in a bug catching contest

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Q: Where do you catch venonat?
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Where do you catch venonat in Pokemon white?

You cannot catch Venonat. You must catch a Venomoth in the Dreamyard and then breed it.

How much percent is it to catch a venonat in soulsilver?

um probaly 20% for me it is unusaul to find a venonat

How do you catch a Venomoth in HeartGold?

im not sure but try evolving a Venonat

How do you catch venonat on Pokemon platinum?

Venonat are extremely rare on Route 229.The easiest way is to breed it isent you breed a venamoth then you get a venonat but it is extrmly rare to find on route 229 hope this helps :)

Is it possible to catch a venonat in pearl?

Yes. Go to that big area of grass were a pidgy would be , use the pokeradar and when you see a patch of grass flashing twice it would be a venonat or a venamoth.

How do you catch venonat in soulsilver?

go to the grass area on route 25 ,the one were you have to cut your way to

Where to catch venonat in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can get it at the bug catching contest at the national park on tuesdays and thursdays

Where can you catch a venonat in pokemon diamond?

You have to use the Pokeradar on route 229. Venonat is rare, with only a 2% chance of running into one, but you'll come across it eventually.

What Pokemon have the compundeyes ability?

Butterfree, Venonat, Yanma, Nincada

What is the GameShark code for getting a Venonat in Pokemon?

In which game? FireRed? Because you can catch those in the wild, so you don't need a code.

How do you catch venonat in diamond?

you have to get the national dex when you see all 150 Pokemon orif you play platinum you will have to see all 210 Pokemon

What route are wild venonat on in emrold?

venonat can only be caught in safari zone