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If you mean full moon island, you get it after beating the elite 4 and speaking to sailor eldrich and his son. If you mean the island where you get darkrai, that needs a wi-fi event to get it.

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You would need to get the Member Card from an event to access New Moon Island. Today, you will need to use the Action Replay to obtain the Member Card, because the event isn't available anymore.

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New Moon Island is off the west coast of Sinnoh, almost directly north from Canalave City. It is accessible only if you undertake the Darkrai Nintendo Event.

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Q: Where is New Moon Island in Pokemon Platinum?
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New moon island in Pokemon emerald?

New moon island is only avalible in Pokemon pearl, diamond and platinum

When do you catch darkarai in Pokemon platinum?

On New Moon Island.

Where is Darkrai on Pokemon Platinum?

Darkrai Can Be Found On New Moon Island. Darkrai Can Be Found At New Moon Island,Next To Full Moon Island.

Can you still go to new moon island on Pokemon platinum?


Where to find darkria in Pokemon platinum?

You got to go to new moon island

What is all the islands in Pokemon platinum?

there is iorn island, full moon island, and new moon island

How do get to new moon island in Pokemon platinum?

by getting an event item that no longer is being distributed

How do you find New Moon Island in Pokemon SoulSilver?

By no legal means can you access New Moon Island in any game other than Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

What is the closest place to half moon island?

Half Moon Island does not exist in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum (or any Pokemon game). The only two islands named after moon phases are Full Moon Island and New Moon Island, and the closest place to either of these two islands is Iron Island.

Where is Darkrai in platinum?

new moon island

What are the names of the islands in Pokemon platinum?

iron island, (where you meet riley and he gives you a riolu egg,) Full moon island,(where you first see cresselia,) and New moon island (where you catch darkrai)

Where is giant island in Pokemon platinum?

um...I don't think they are any giant island in Pokemon platinum.But if you mean new moon island then you need a members card which you can get a long time ago.Although you can also get it by ar.