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definitely draigonair because if you are going to try to defeat levels 70 and up you'll have a good chance of winning.

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Q: Which of these Pokemon is best Scyther Abra or dragonair?
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What is an easy way to find dragonair in Pokemon leafgreen or firered?

The best way to get Dragonair in Leaf Green or Fire Red is to envolve it from Dratini. You can get Dratini in The Game Corner in Celadon City ( The city where you battle with the GYM 4 Erika Grass TYPE).

What is the best way to recruit a dragonair in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue?

Get a Dratini and evolve it. That's what I did. Sorry.... I don't remember where to get Dratini but you get it around lvl 30.

Where can you find dragonair on Pokemon Ruby?

If you use a Super Rod in the Safari Zone, you'll find a Dragonair if you're really lucky. Even if you manage to find a Dragonair, it could just run away. You could get a Dratini in the Pokemon Game Corner in Celadon City for about 1800 coins. Level it up to about level 30 and it will evolve into a powerful Dragonair.I was just fishing ad i found a lv 34 Dragonair and it would not run away at all until i threw baitin the safari zone with a super rod

How do you get alakzam in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find Abra, the first evolution of Alakazam, on Routes 203, and 215, in Pokemon Pearl. You may also trade a Machop for an Abra in Oreburgh City. Kadabras, although uncommon, may also be found on Route 215. Depending on how committed you want to be with your Alakazam, and how early in the game you wish to start working on leveling up, will depend on where you wish to look first. Best of luck to you. :)

Can you beat the Pokemon league in fire red with Venusaur lvl63 Zapdos lvl50 Articuno lvl50 moltres lvl50 dragonair lvl41 and Vaporeon lvl63?

Raise your Dragonair to level 54 and you should be able to. i don't think with only vaporeon you can finish it. it's just a water Pokemon and Lance's Pokemons wil destroy it. Dragonair is somewhat competitive but low level. with fighting or ice type a dragonair will be easily destroyed. try using a Kadabra or Haunter. they have less defense but their attack and special are very strong and also high speed so they are perfect Pokemons. they can level up at high rate cos they only require less exp compared to Dragonair and the 3 legendary birds you got. Venusaur is not strong. his strongest attack requires 2 turns to hit and very slow Pokemon. the best Pokemon to start with is Charizard. it has high stats on almost everything. even with the 3 Pokemons i mentioned (Haunter, Kadabra and Charizard) all level 60, you can finish the game.

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What Pokemon have the move Hypnosis?

If you have an Abra, the best hypnosis Pokemon is alakazam. So catch an Abra, evole it to a kadabra, the evolve it to an alakazam to have the best hypnosis Pokemon

At what level does Abra evolve in emerald?

abra evolves into kadabra at level 16 on pokemon emerald best way give abra the exp share and use ur strongest pokemon and go 2 the victory road or pokemon legue

What is the best Psychic Pokemon to choose in Sapphire?

the best Pokemon to choose early inn the game are Abra and ralts.

Where is the best place to trai dragonair in Pokemon fire red?

Island seven.

What is the best place to raise a lv 30 dragonair in leafgreen?

train it at the Pokemon league

Is there a cave in the safari zone on FireRed?

no there is not a cave in the safari zone, but there is scyther the best pokemon in the game.

Which is a better grass Pokemon bellosom meganium or Scyther?

The best grass type Pokemon for these three are scyther and meganium cyther is when you want a grass type with speed and meganium has many attacks that are very strong but has low defense.

Pokemon platinum the best moves for Scyther?

Double hit x scicor nightslash and faslswipe or slash

What are the best Pokemon you can get to defeat elite four in soul silver?

i know typlosion and ampharos are most picked so try those Pokemon and use dragonair

What the best Pokemon in the bug catching contest in heart gold?

Scyther and Pinsir are the best that you can find in the bug catching contest. Well i don't know if you can find a heracross or not...... sorry if i mistype the pokemon's name

Where is the best place to train a lvl 30 Scyther in Pokemon platinum?

you should train sycher against fire and pshcik pokemon:D

What Pokemon are best at fighting Lucario?

A ground, fire, or fighting type. A Scyther that knows a move like Brick Break can be really useful.