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They're names are Rebbie, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, but Marlon had a twin brother who died his name was Brandon then Michael and Janet that is the whole Jackson family fo ya and his kids names were Paris,

Prince Michael I

Prince Michael 'Blanket' II

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Michael Jackson was born the 7th of nine children by Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson. his oldest sister was maureen (rebbie) she had a modestly successful recording career but first and foemost was a housewife. his oldest brother was sigmund (Jackie) and he was a dancer in the Jackson five, a dance group made up of the brothers of the Jackson family, and occasionally (such as in Las Vegas and on their variety show) their sister. Michael Jackson had 3 sisters: rebbie, latoya, and Janet. all sisters had varying levels of success in recording careers, but , with the exception of Janet, never could even touch the popularity and success of the Jackson 5 and Michael himself. Michael also had 5 brothers: Jackie, tito, marlon, Jermaine, and randy(not associated with randy Jackson from American Idol). tito would play guitar for the band, Jermaine would play bass and also sing in duets in early Jackson 5 material, and randy would do the same later in the Jackson five career.marlon, randy, and Jackie would sing back-up vocals and dance for the group. Michael was the lead singer and the main attraction.

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Prince Michael Jackson I-11 years old

Paris Michael Khaterine Jackson-10 years old

Prince Michael Joseph II-7 years old

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Q: Who are the Jackson kids?
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